About Us

MmmLicious initially began as a small activity of interest that later developed into a passion for desserts, and showcasing delightful confectionary for special occasions, functions and events that highlight a unique  and creative touch.

At Mmmlicious, we take pleasure in the work we provide to our clients. We always aim to satisfy our clientele and achieve the goals that have been set before us.

That is why we specifically work on a one to one basis with our clients and fully customize our confectionary displays and treats to match and mirror your chosen theme, or any particular idea that you may have in mind.


What we do

Here at MmmLicious we can provide and cater for any event to bring you the upmost satisfaction. This can vary from wedding’s to birthday parties, graduation ceremonies to social gatherings, we can even cover exclusive corporate events. We are ready and prepared to provide a first-class adventure for each of our clients. No experience is the same!  MmmLicious prepares amazing treats that will indulge each and every single sweet tooth.


What we Offer

The excitement doesn’t stop at our custom treats! We also provide a wide array of delightful treats that include, but are not limited to Mini Doughnuts, Waffles, American Pancakes and an all you can eat Sweets Buffet that will have something for everyone!. We also offer a host of machine services and rentals such as the mouthwatering milkshake machine, the enticing Candy Floss , the refreshing slush machines and the chocolatety chocolate fountain.


Area of service

We cover the entirety of London and it’s surrounding area so why not give us a call and try us today! Make your special occasion an MmmmmmLicious one to remember!